Vice President Joe Biden recently attended a conference in Irvine, California, where he made an important statement regarding the fact that hospitals need to place more focus on reducing preventable errors and government should be creating more economic incentives that would help improve patient safety. Time to Link Quality with Safety Biden went […]

If one had to ask any healthcare facility what their primary concern is, the majority of them would state that it is the safety of patients while they are in their care. While many hospitals rely on some form of digital healthcare system to ensure patient safety, these forms of technology may not always be […]

As tragedy strikes Boston, Massachusetts, citizens are clinging to every shred of hope and positivity to cope with the senseless bombing. News of Boston hospitals and first responders are some of the most inspiring stories to surface from the devastation. The continued news feed from these heroes has shown just how amazing Boston hospitals really […]

There are many companies which put out yearly reports on which hospitals are the safest. Often these reports come in a variety of different formats, some of which rate a hospital’s overall safety, others break down their reports into different headings and subheadings, evaluating the hospital’s performance in different areas. Ideally, these rankings can be […]

High ratings in hospital safety are of vital importance. Not only is it important to ensure the health and safety of your patients; it

While ID cards were once a familiar sight in hospitals, technology has moved on, developing better methods for identifying and protecting patients. Bar coded wrist bands have revolutionized the patient identification market, thanks to their many benefits. Ease of Use Gone are the days of patients and hospital staff fiddling about with clips in order […]

When it comes to patient safety, all hospitals should strongly consider using bar coded wrist bands. They are a simple and cost-effective way to protect both patients and staff. Here are the top five benefits to using hospital bar coded wrist bands. Cost Effectiveness Hospital wrist bands provide a huge benefit for very little cost. […]

Image Source: Flickr/Fotos Gov/Ba Technology is always on the march, and new innovations can greatly benefit hospitals concerned about patient safety. Presented here are five things a hospital should look into when it comes to monitoring and increasing overall security. 1: Bar Coded Patient Wrist Bands A very simple and inexpensive way to enhance security […]

Image Source Hospital safety is a growing concern in recent years as more and more patients and their families are reporting serious complications after surgeries, treatments and hospital stays. While U.S. News is known for its reports and for touting a hospital as one of the best in cardiology, women