COVID-19 ID Bands and Contact Tracing Solutions

Behavioral Health/Patient
Long Term Care (LTC)/Resident

With our IDMX™ and IDSS™ wearable ID band printing software products, you can custom print any COVID-19 warning and alerting ID solution desired:

   >   Staff/Physician Awaiting Test Results Notification Band
   >   Tested Conditions of Inmate or Patient or Residents Band Alerts:

    + COVID-19 – Tested Positive Alert
    + COVID-19 – In Quarantine Alert
    + COVID-19 – Tested Negative or Antibody Safe Alert

   >   Print all other typical information on same bands or print/wear a second COVID-19 band to enable emergency response.

With IDMX™ and Secur Trac™, Contact Tracing is enabled per CDC.

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