Our wristband printing formats are currently available in many Jail Management Systems (JMS). Various facilities using these JMS systems are able to print our wristbands with no additional software needed! When desired, our goal is to enable a seamless environment for our customers to use our wristbands while working within their JMS system of choice. […]

The Behavioral Health industry has seemed for years, to only be on the radar when something has gone wrong – whether it has been the breakdown of a policy or procedure resulting in someone’s death, an accidental overdose, sexual misconduct or a facility closure announcement. Behavioral Health is on the radar of Endur ID and […]

Identification products have been on the wish lists of many facility administrators for a long time, and are often overlooked or out prioritized by more immediate and pressing needs. Putting out fires can be costly and resource consuming for any organization, big or small. This is why we developed IDSS, our Simple and Secure ID […]

Endur ID wants to share the release of this year’s USA Today Veterans Affairs Edition.  Endur ID has a valued partnership with the United States Veterans Medical system and knows that many members in our community would be interested in this edition of USA Today. http://ee.usatoday.com/Olive/ODE/USATodayMagazines/Default.aspx?href=USAM/2016/11/08&pageno=1&view=document

Most Americans would be shocked to learn that each year 9.5% of deaths each year (the third Leading cause),  are caused by medical errors  Within the hospital community these  events are referred to as Never Events, and Endur ID is doing their part to help minimize these occurrences. A Never Event is defined as a […]

Endur ID is pleased introduce the EIE-1-TH Infant Easy – an Ultra Soft Infant and NICU Identification product which is constructed from a very soft material.  The new Endur ID EIE-1-TH bands eliminate skin irritation while being manufactured in a format which can be used 6 different ways, from Wrist and Ankle Bands to Long […]

Endur ID is proud to announce that as of May 17, 2016 we have secured patent US 9,339,408 B2, pertaining to the Endur ID Secur Loc Clasps. Secur Loc Clasps are used in conjunction with Endur ID Secur Max wristbands.  These clips were invented after it was clear that an interlocking, easy to use secure […]

Endur ID has pioneered the use of colors when identifying individuals. There are so many ways to use color effectively in different settings. In the Healthcare or Hospital setting  it is important to have consistent meaning for colors. Staff often work at multiple medical facilities. For this reason, State Hospital Associations have published standards for […]

Endur ID’s Secur Loc Clasps are used in conjunction with our Secur Max line of wristbands, combining to make one of the most secure and reliable methods for identifying and classifying detainees in your facility. With the addition of 5 color options for the clasps there are now even more ways to identify and classify […]

The National Patient Safety Committee has come out with a follow up to their 1999 report on Patient Safety.  While they note that progress has been made in the arena of Patient Safety in the last 15 years, there is a general consensus that not quite enough progress has occurred and this needs to be […]

The American Correctional Association, or ACA, will be holding its 2016 Winter Conference from January 22nd through the 27th, 2016. Among the attendees will be Endur ID, a company which focuses on barcoded ID wristbands and cards that are used for inmate protection and overall prison safety. The event will be held at New Orleans Ernest […]

Patient safety is critical in all healthcare facilities, including hospitals and nursing homes. However, very few studies shed any light on the level of patient safety in primary care facilities, which is just as important to medical outcomes. A new study in the United Kingdom sheds a little light on the lack of monitoring that […]

Patient safety is one of the primary concerns for healthcare providers across the world, but is especially important in the field of pharmacy. One mistake from a pharmacist can cause severe reactions to medications and possibly even more serious results. Pharmacists at Franklin Memorial Hospital are emphasizing that importance during National Hospital and Health-System Pharmacy […]

New Jersey is a pioneer state when it comes to the development and implementation of patient safety programs. Recent data from the AHRQ, or the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, shows that these programs pay off not only in better patient outcomes, but also in terms of finances. The Partnership for Patients The State […]

  Endur ID, a company that is known for producing bar coded wrist bands that are used in hospital, correctional facilities and behavioral health facilities, will be attending the Patient First UK Conference on 12th and 13th of November 2015 to showcase its range of bar coded wristband products. Who is Endur ID? Endur ID […]

The emergency room is often a busy place, filled to the brim with the sick and the injured. The doctors and nurses in these units work under an unimaginable amount of stress, and in some situations, this can have an impact on patient safety. Implementing certain procedures and guidelines, and in some cases even improving […]

One of the biggest concerns in any hospital is patient safety. A good number of issues are related to medical errors, and are easily preventable in most cases. The advent of wearable technology now makes it easier than ever for hospitals to keep patients safe and prevent dangerous medical mistakes. Here are just a few […]

Although a variety of systems have been used over the years when developing hospital wristbands for patients, errors have still been made in the areas of incorrect treatments and prescriptions. As a result, a Milwaukee hospital decided to ensure that some of its tiniest and most vulnerable patients – namely, newborns – are clearly and […]

When you are injured, or when a sudden illness strikes, getting to a hospital on time can save your life. As a result, when you place a call for emergency services, you expect an ambulance to arrive and care for you until you get to the hospital. A startling survey conducted by the Scottish Labor […]

A survey that was recently conducted and the findings of which were released by the British Medical Association (BMA), showed that patient safety is being put at risk on a regular basis in hospitals and other health care facilities. This occurs due to a lack of rest time for hospital consultants after they had been […]