ENDUR ID™ has the ability to enable Covid 19 Warning and Alert emergency response bands using its IDMX™ and IDSS™ software products or for purchase as preprinted bands. These bands can be used for Inmate, Detainees, Patients or Residents for Corrections, Acute Care, VA, Behavioral Health and Long-Term Care applications. Unique bands can be printed […]

Endur ID prides itself on listening to our customer’s wants and needs and being receptive and agile in product development to meet your goals.  We are proud to announce that we have added an active Bluetooth band to our product offering.  The patent pending Bluetrac band is very small and durable while also being cost […]

The American Jail Association, or AJA, will be holding its 32nd Annual Training & Jail Expo from May 5th through the 9th in 2013. Among the attendees will be Endur ID, a company which focuses on barcoded ID wristbands and cards that are used for inmate protection and overall prison safety. The event will be […]

Endur ID is pleased to confirm from our product launch that our new Secur Max bands establishes a new level of security and ease of use. Secur Max bands are imaged using color laser printers and are ready

Although there are hundreds of hospitals nationwide in which patient wrist bands have been implemented as part of standard safety practices, they are still not legally required. Listed here are five reasons why hospital bar coded wrist bands should be used in each and every hospital across the nation. Newborn Identification Most of the hospitals […]

Endur ID has recently introduced their new Secur Max wrist band technology, which will help increase inmate safety by providing a safe and secure wrist band that makes prisoner identification quick & easy. The wrist band is simple to put on and extremely durable, with a safety lock that keeps inmates from being able to […]

Endur ID has been a strong advocate for proactive patient safety in hospitals since 2003. After many years in the hospital bar coded wrist band product space Endur ID created an inmate product dedicated towards prisons and other facilities with the goal of keeping

Patient wrist bands have long since been problematic for patients and doctors: babies have been given to the wrong parents, patients have had incorrect medications administered or hospital staff cannot identify a patient because their wristband cannot be read or is missing. Many hospital wrist bands are easy to damage or remove and not designed […]

In its tradition of providing high-quality patient wrist band and card media for hospital use, Endure ID masters inmate identification technology with the Endure ID Secur Max wrist band, a product designed to promote security in prison facilities. As a patient wrist band makes a hospital safer for patients and health care providers, an inmate […]

Endur ID is pleased to announce their latest identification wristband product offering. The SM-1-LA Secur Max wristband media paired with their new Secur Loc Clasp Base provides a level not found previously in inmate identification technology. The Secur Max wristbands are highly durable, tear and stretch proof, water resistant and will provide extremely accurate and […]