Endur ID Hospital Patient Wrist Bands Save Lives

Saving Lives

Patient wrist bands have long since been problematic for patients and doctors: babies have been given to the wrong parents, patients have had incorrect medications administered or hospital staff cannot identify a patient because their wristband cannot be read or is missing. Many hospital wrist bands are easy to damage or remove and not designed to meet the needs of the hospital environment, Endur ID hospital wrist bands are constructed using a specially designed plastic and are waterproof and tear proof.

Helps Keep Patients Identified

Patients wearing Endur ID will be readily identifiable by a caregiver. Traditional patient wrist bands are made of less durable materials, so they can be easily ripped off or torn. If the patient were to lose their wrist band, doctors or nurses would need to identify the patient prior to providing any medication or care. This can take time, and if there is an emergency doctors would be hard-pressed for information on how to treat the patient.

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