In the intricate landscape of correctional facility safety, securing ID wristbands emerges as a cornerstone in fortifying security protocols. These wristbands, equipped with sophisticated RFID technology, are pivotal in inmate identification and activity monitoring within these controlled environments. By offering a seamless solution for point-of-contact identification and real-time tracking, these wristbands elevate the safety standards […]

Endur ID’s Secur Loc Clasps are used in conjunction with our Secur Max line of wristbands, combining to make one of the most secure and reliable methods for identifying and classifying detainees in your facility. With the addition of 5 color options for the clasps there are now even more ways to identify and classify […]

The American Correctional Association, or ACA, will be holding its 2016 Winter Conference from January 22nd through the 27th, 2016. Among the attendees will be Endur ID, a company which focuses on barcoded ID wristbands and cards that are used for inmate protection and overall prison safety. The event will be held at New Orleans Ernest […]

If you run a corrections facility, then you know how important inmate wrist bands are to offender inmate management. Wristbands classify and track all of your inmates, including showing their classification level, information about any medication they need, their movements and location, and whether they can use the commissary. With a Secure Loc Clasp, you […]

The Corrections Technology Association is a network of professionals that are actively involved in using technology in the field of corrections. This network is both public and non-profit. It is mainly made up of IT directors, operational and administrative staff from both state and provincial departments of correction, chief information officers as well as correctional […]