You’re maneuvering a complex terrain with inmate identification, with challenges like lack of access to ID cards and employment barriers upon reentry. Yet, solutions are at hand, advocating for policy changes and better data collection strategies to enhance accuracy and facilitate smoother shifts back into society. This approach not only aids in reducing recidivism rates […]

Integrating technology has become a cornerstone in advancing inmate management strategies and ensuring top-notch safety measures in correctional institutions. From AI-driven surveillance systems to biometric access tools, the evolution of technology within prison facilities has streamlined operational efficiency and significantly enhanced security protocols. Utilizing cutting-edge solutions is about fortifying physical barriers and fostering a conducive […]

Our wristband printing formats are currently available in many Jail Management Systems (JMS). Various facilities using these JMS systems are able to print our wristbands with no additional software needed! When desired, our goal is to enable a seamless environment for our customers to use our wristbands while working within their JMS system of choice. […]

Modern times call for modern, innovative ways of keeping track of prisoners at any facility. With so many technologically advanced methods of tracking inmates, errors like accidental releases, medical mistakes, and misplaced individuals can be left in the past. The cost of a tracking program usually pays for itself in benefits as well. Inmate Wrist […]

As our prisons become more and more overpopulated and escape attempts increase, it has become evident that a more secure method is required in order to keep track of prisoners. This has prompted many correctional service facilities to consider the use of inmate wristbands. More Convenient form of Identification When a prisoner arrives at a […]

Inmate wristbands are an easy, cost effective way of streamlining corrections emergency planning. Their cutting edge technology provides the quickest, most efficient way of identifying inmates for emergency transportation, capture, or removal. They also give officers immediate access to important information without a file check. Streamlined Process in an Emergency Cell extractions call for a […]

If you run a corrections facility, then you know how important inmate wrist bands are to offender inmate management. Wristbands classify and track all of your inmates, including showing their classification level, information about any medication they need, their movements and location, and whether they can use the commissary. With a Secure Loc Clasp, you […]

Working in a correctional facility can be a rewarding job, but it can also be a highly dangerous one. For this reason, those who work in the industry often use some of the following examples of corrections technology for safety. An Inmate ID Wristband for Easy Identification A correctional facility can be a pretty big […]

Jails and prisons can be dangerous, scary, and chaotic environments for guards and inmates alike. The development of quality corrections technology is an important component in the mission to keep everyone safe. Endur ID Inmate wrist bands are one type of tool that is continually advancing and being used in more facilities. Purpose of Wrist […]

If you’re in charge of a large population of people, its probable accessing information on each individual at a moment’s notice will be necessary in order to keep everyone safe and where they’re supposed to be. Wrist band ID’s have long been a way for hospitals and other medical facilities to keep track on everyone […]