Inmate Wrist Bands – How they Make a Jail Safer

Inmate Wrist Bands

Jails and prisons can be dangerous, scary, and chaotic environments for guards and inmates alike. The development of quality corrections technology is an important component in the mission to keep everyone safe. Endur ID Inmate wrist bands are one type of tool that is continually advancing and being used in more facilities.

Purpose of Wrist Bands

Since jails can be very large places with many inmates, keeping track of everyone and knowing who they are can be a very difficult task. Using tamper-proof inmate wrist bands help to identify everyone in a more organized manner. Inmates will not have to worry about being falsely identified in any particular situation, and correctional officers have help with keeping things in order. This technology has been available for decades, and the improvements that are being made to them can further improve security and efficiency.

Types of Wrist Bands

Endur ID is a company that produces inmate wrist bands for jails with their own unique styles and uses. Their wrist bands use bar coding technology to improve the process of transfers, dispensing medicine, and ensuring that everyone is present. The wrist bands are designed with pictures of the Inmate and their assigned number to make identifying them quicker. They were made with the intent of them being easy to wear and hold up to the everyday wear and tear.

Classifying Inmates

The improvement in the classification of convicts with inmate wrist bands provides great assistance to the staff. Being able to determine quickly who is high-risk versus a lower security threat can save lives. A considerable amount of time can be saved by seeing who is supposed to receive special medical attention, get mental health treatment, and which inmates should be isolated from the general population. The process of figuring out who should be where and how they should be approached can become much faster and safer for the guards to determine. Photos and unique color patterns on the wrist bands help to distinguish them from one another.

Durable and Secure

Endur ID inmate wrist bands are very durable and nearly impossible to remove by convicts themselves. The fact that they can be worn at all times, even in the shower, makes them a good safety device for everyone involved. With the strength of material that the wrist bands can be made with, if an inmate tries to tamper with it, there should be easily identifiable signs that meddling has occurred. The make-up of the wrist bands takes the concern out of convicts being able to switch them with one another and fool the staff. Jail staff will not have to continuously order new wrist bands due to them being damaged or taken off.

The safety and cost-effective aspects to purchasing wrist bands for inmates to wear are noteworthy. They also provide practical uses in the day-to-day operation of jails and prisons. Helping guards and inmates to be more secure and freeing up time and resources for other needs, can be logical reasons to use wrist bands in correctional facilities.

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