In healthcare, the efficacy of patient identification is pivotal in safeguarding against potential medical errors. The impact of precise patient identification extends far beyond conventional practices, influencing the accuracy of diagnoses, treatment plans, and overall patient outcomes. By delving into the intricate web of factors that converge on the issue of patient identification, a clearer […]

Patient wristbands play a pivotal part in the precise panorama of healthcare practices, silently standing as sentinels of safety and efficiency. You’ve likely adorned patients with these bands countless times, perhaps not fully considering their capability to cut through the complexity of hospital workflows. These slender strips of information are not just about identity; they’re […]

In today’s ever-evolving healthcare landscape, staying informed about the top hospital safety trends and concerns is essential for organizations striving for innovation. This article provides an overview of the pressing issues impacting patient safety, addressing challenges such as staffing shortages, pediatric mental health crisis, violence against healthcare staff, and mismatches between assignments and competencies. Additionally, […]

Endur ID is pleased introduce the EIE-1-TH Infant Easy – an Ultra Soft Infant and NICU Identification product which is constructed from a very soft material.  The new Endur ID EIE-1-TH bands eliminate skin irritation while being manufactured in a format which can be used 6 different ways, from Wrist and Ankle Bands to Long […]

Endur ID is proud to announce that as of May 17, 2016 we have secured patent US 9,339,408 B2, pertaining to the Endur ID Secur Loc Clasps. Secur Loc Clasps are used in conjunction with Endur ID Secur Max wristbands.  These clips were invented after it was clear that an interlocking, easy to use secure […]

The National Patient Safety Committee has come out with a follow up to their 1999 report on Patient Safety.  While they note that progress has been made in the arena of Patient Safety in the last 15 years, there is a general consensus that not quite enough progress has occurred and this needs to be […]

Patient safety is one of the primary concerns for healthcare providers across the world, but is especially important in the field of pharmacy. One mistake from a pharmacist can cause severe reactions to medications and possibly even more serious results. Pharmacists at Franklin Memorial Hospital are emphasizing that importance during National Hospital and Health-System Pharmacy […]

New Jersey is a pioneer state when it comes to the development and implementation of patient safety programs. Recent data from the AHRQ, or the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, shows that these programs pay off not only in better patient outcomes, but also in terms of finances. The Partnership for Patients The State […]

The emergency room is often a busy place, filled to the brim with the sick and the injured. The doctors and nurses in these units work under an unimaginable amount of stress, and in some situations, this can have an impact on patient safety. Implementing certain procedures and guidelines, and in some cases even improving […]

Although a variety of systems have been used over the years when developing hospital wristbands for patients, errors have still been made in the areas of incorrect treatments and prescriptions. As a result, a Milwaukee hospital decided to ensure that some of its tiniest and most vulnerable patients – namely, newborns – are clearly and […]