Most Americans would be shocked to learn that each year 9.5% of deaths each year (the third Leading cause),  are caused by medical errors  Within the hospital community these  events are referred to as Never Events, and Endur ID is doing their part to help minimize these occurrences. A Never Event is defined as a […]

Endur ID has pioneered the use of colors when identifying individuals. There are so many ways to use color effectively in different settings. In the Healthcare or Hospital setting  it is important to have consistent meaning for colors. Staff often work at multiple medical facilities. For this reason, State Hospital Associations have published standards for […]

One of the biggest concerns in any hospital is patient safety. A good number of issues are related to medical errors, and are easily preventable in most cases. The advent of wearable technology now makes it easier than ever for hospitals to keep patients safe and prevent dangerous medical mistakes. Here are just a few […]

Each year, thousands of patients across the country have blood transfusions performed for various reasons. Owing to the fact that there is absolutely no room for error with regards to ensuring that the patient receives the correct blood type, a new innovation has been developed that will help ensure complete accuracy in this regard in […]

Each year, thousands of people dread having to be hospitalized for any reason because of the horror stories that do the rounds regarding injuries, illnesses and adverse events that take place there. This has resulted in many hospitals deciding to do everything in their power to help ensure that patient safety becomes the responsibility of […]

Although the use of barcoded wrist bands has been implemented in prisons and places of employment, it will be the first time ever that a UK-based hospital has decided to use them in conjunction with barcoded labels to help identify infants quickly and easily. These will completely replace the traditional hand-written wristband system, which has […]

Owing to changing weather patterns, the occurrence of natural disasters is becoming more prevalent each year. After an earthquake or other natural disaster occurs, it is crucial to ensure that there is a quick and easy way to identify the stream of patients that will enter hospital wards as a result. One of the best […]

Hospital staff and parents alike often feel the joy of a new baby in a hospital. These hospital workers want to keep newborn babies, as well as babies in the hospital for treatments, as safe as possible. Pediatric wrist bands help keep the hospital

If you have ever spent any time in a hospital, you may have noticed patients wearing wristbands in various colors. These are medical alert bracelets, which keep caregivers aware of special needs that a patient may have. There are 5 different colors of medical alert bracelets, each with a different meaning instantly recognized by hospital […]

Good hospitals make a constant effort to improve their overall patient security and safety. One way medical facilities can easily promote patient safety is to adopt universally accepted bar coded hospital wristbands. These medical bracelets make it easy to identify patients, avoid potentially hazardous mistakes and ensure complete patient care. Color Photos and Graphics Color […]