5 Ways to Keep Track of Prisoners

Inmate Wrist Bands

Modern times call for modern, innovative ways of keeping track of prisoners at any facility. With so many technologically advanced methods of tracking inmates, errors like accidental releases, medical mistakes, and misplaced individuals can be left in the past. The cost of a tracking program usually pays for itself in benefits as well.

Inmate Wrist Bands

Wristbands are one of the most innovative examples of inmate technology meeting practicality. They are physical objects that can be easily checked by any corrections officer immediately, without a costly wait during an emergency. Inmate wrist bands offer photo identification, color coding systems, and even information about allergies and medical conditions. All of these details in one spot make prisoner tracking simple and accessible for even the newest members of staff. Wrist band bar coding also makes it easy to store lengthy amounts of information for particularly difficult prisoners, which is a step up from other tracking devices.


One of the most impressive types of inmate technology advancement involves using biometrics to track prisoners. Although it sounds like something from a futuristic film, some prisons are successfully utilizing fingerprint scanning to maintain headcounts, streamline information sharing, and even transfer inmate information to other facilities during transport. This method of prisoner tracking reduces the error risk significantly, and assures that an inmate

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