Endur ID Wristbands Currently Used in Many Jail Management Systems (JMS)

Inmate Prison Technology

Our wristband printing formats are currently available in many Jail Management Systems (JMS). Various facilities using these JMS systems are able to print our wristbands with no additional software needed! When desired, our goal is to enable a seamless environment for our customers to use our wristbands while working within their JMS system of choice. Endur ID also offers a full range of software solutions, from a low cost easy to install version to a fully integrated inmate tracking system.  But what if you aren’t in the market for a full system upgrade?  There is a chance your JMS system already has our printing format built in, and if it doesn’t we can work with your JMS company, just get us in touch!

More information can be obtained from Endur ID. Phone (603) 758-1488, email at info@endurid.com or on the web at www.endurid.com

Samples are available — www.endurid.com

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