How Endur ID Secur Max Wrist Bands Keep Prisons Safe

Keeping It Safe

In its tradition of providing high-quality patient wrist band and card media for hospital use, Endure ID masters inmate identification technology with the Endure ID Secur Max wrist band, a product designed to promote security in prison facilities. As a patient wrist band makes a hospital safer for patients and health care providers, an inmate wrist band offers its own list of benefits for the safety of prisons.

Immediate Availability of Inmate Information

The high volume of people being detained in prisons makes it impossible to secure these facilities when inmates could not be readily identified. Without a tool similar to a patient wrist band used in hospitals, it can take a very long time for officers and staff to act on situations or incidents that need decisive action. With the Endur ID Secure Max, authorities immediately know the inmates they

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