Endur ID Secur Max Wrist Bands Help Keep Prison Facilities Safe

Endur ID has recently introduced their new Secur Max wrist band technology, which will help increase inmate safety by providing a safe and secure wrist band that makes prisoner identification quick & easy. The wrist band is simple to put on and extremely durable, with a safety lock that keeps inmates from being able to tear it free. This wrist band makes prisoner risk classification and the monitoring of potential health issues easy, greatly increasing prison security.

Endur ID Secur Max

The Secur Max Wrist Band at a Glance

Prison and hospital technology are not far apart in their goals. Both aim to provide a safe and hassle-free way of identifying individuals and their health concerns. The Secur Max wrist band is similar to a hospital wrist band. It is easily applied and, despite being paper thin, is almost impossible to tear and very resistant to water. The wrist bands can be customized with the inmate

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