Why Endur ID for ID Cards?+

Endur ID is a complete Identity Solution Provider.

Traditionally focused upon the patient or inmate, Endur ID has developed a large selection of products to meet the many diverse needs of these populations. Durable and Flexible.

However, it became clear that these solutions and needs could be extended to the Staff and Visitors as well. Our IDMX Identity Management Software and our Secur Track Tracking solution could also be configured to meet the identity needs of staff and visitors.

Easily managed and produced, ID cards can be created to meet most demands

Our ID card solution rounds out the package – One System – Total Solution


CARD-RB 6PAN6 Panel Color Ribbon


  • Color ribbon for the Primacy printer
  • 6 panel colors include: Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Overlay and Black
  • Number of prints per roll: 200

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