Endur ID was founded in 2003 with the goal of producing the finest Patient Identification available. In 2012 with nearly ten years of experience we developed and introduced our Secur Max Bands and Secur Loc Clasps for the corrections market.

Inmates need to be well identified for purposes of identification, classification, safety, and for the commissary. However, as a group they are not the most cooperative making the need for a secure, difficult to remove wristband product

By using durable raw materials and coatings we were able to create an Identification band system which brought enhanced capabilities to corrections. Now wristbands could carry all identification information, barcodes for healthcare and commissary and color coding for safety, color and Black and White photos and graphics in a durable easy to use and wear format.

Secur Max wristbands are put on to an inmate using a simple adhesive closure, and then secured using our single use Secur Loc Clasp, this clasp requires no tools and makes the adhesive closure inaccessible. Since the wristband material is specifically engineered to be stretch and tear resistant the result is a difficult to remove identification wristband.

The Secur Max wristbands are imaged using standard desk top laser printers. Producing a durable wristband is as easy as simply printing it. They are waterproof and durable right out of the printer, no need to laminate, just print them and use them.

The use of color laser printers and our simple white media allows you to color code and classify your prisoners’ right in your facility. Stock only white and create your own color coding system.

One of the challenges surrounding the use of these enhanced bands is the collection of data and formatting of the bands themselves. Endur ID will work with your jail management software partner to produce the bands using the software you already have. If needed we also offer cost effective and easy to use standalone software systems.

Accurate and Enhanced information is the goal of Endur ID. We want to provide staff members with an unparalleled amount of information, in an easy to use and easy to wear format.

Endur ID can develop the systems you need to smooth work flow and enhance security – let us build a system for you.



  • 13″ Pouch Laminator is a compact, easy-to-use desktop laminator that is powerful enough for the lamination of Endur ID Secur Max Wristbands.
  • Metal Casing for long lasting lifespan and a more professional heavy duty look
  • Silicon Rollers to provide flexibility in laminating with or without a carrier
  • Metal Gears to guarantee strength, durability and longevity
  • Ready Light/Power Light/Power Switch for ease in use
  • Forward/Reverse Switch allows removal of jams
  • Heat/Cold Switch allows for both hot and cold laminating
  • Electronic Circuit (PCB) and Gradual Temperature Control allows for fast, consistent and easy fine-tuning of temperature; ideal for when operator requires frequent changing of pouch thickness, pouch composition or when laminating different materials.
  • Dual Heat System (heated rollers and heat plate combination allowing for a more efficient lamination at lower temperatures; provides perfect lamination of all standard pouch thicknesses (3mil to 10mil)
  • Photo Ready laminator with heated rollers to allow a balanced heat distribution during laminating processes resulting in a crystal clear, bubble-free laminating every time

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