Endur ID adds Ricoh as our Technology Partner

We are pleased to announce this partnership. The combination of Ricoh’s laser printer technology and Endur ID’s patient identification wristband media, will smooth workflow in a busy admissions department, while enhancing patient safety by providing a durable and reliable patient wristband, which is the gateway to Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) , the Electronic Medical Record (EHR) and much of the other care one receives within a hospital setting.

Endur ID designs and manufactures easy to use and easy to wear wristbands that bring all the information you need to bedside. These bands form the foundation for any patient safety or medication management initiative and Endur ID is here to design, build and support the system you need.

Contact Endur ID today to get your sample package – Call 603-758-1488 or email info@endurid.com

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