5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Seeking Bar Coded Wristbands for your Hospital

Bar Coded Wrist Bands

Wristbands have been a hospital standard for decades; there’s simply no better way to ensure patient security. As wristbands have become more popular, the leaps in technology used to produce them have constantly contributed to them being more useful, quicker to produce and longer lasting. Bar codes are the new trend in hospital security, but which of the many patient bar coded wristbands available on the market is best?

1. How are New Wristbands Created?

Some bar coded wristbands require special equipment to print them, while others can be made with something as simple as a standard laser printer. Additionally, some require a step after the printing process, such as lamination or finishing, which will likely require a separate machine. Ease of use for your intake staff also needs to be considered, so the software which accepts the information needs to be fast and simple.

2. What Information will be on these Wristbands?

Every hospital has different needs, and their wristbands should be able to accommodate these needs. Patient bar coded wrist brands with a preset bunch of information can be perfect, if it’s the information your hospital needs. For many, a totally customizable wristband is a necessity, allowing you to put whatever your staff needs to know directly on the patient, and conforming to the codes and standards of your facility.

3. What Else Do I Need?

Aside from the extra necessary equipment for printing them, some wristbands require clips to hold them in place, or a separate adhesive. While these ways of attaching patient bar coded wristbands may be more secure, they do require additional inventory, and may be more difficult to put on a patient who is agitated or has a movement disorder. In many instances, self-adhesive bar coded wristbands are the best option.

4. Are They Comfortable?

When a person is in the hospital, chances are they are frightened and in pain. While an uncomfortable wristband may be the least of their worries, it can certainly make a bad situation worse. With sharp, laminated edges and stiff or scratchy materials, some wristbands can chafe or even cut the skin. Whenever you’re considering a new wristband system for your hospital, it’s vital that you test the material for yourself. A good company should be willing to provide a sample.

5. Are they Secure?

Fidgeting with a hospital wrist band is a common patient preoccupation. A good wristband can stand up to this, as well as wetness, body oils, and other fluids. If a hospital is in a high risk area or has an in-patient mental ward, it is vital for the sake of patient safety that it’s impossible for the wristbands to be tampered with.

In addition to all of this, the standard factors you employ when choosing any company your hospital does business with should still stand. Ensuring that the cost, delivery and customer service all fit your needs is as vital when choosing a company to provide you with bar coded hospital wristbands as it is for any of your other hospital supplies.

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