How Patient Wristbands can be Crucial During a Natural Disaster

Patient Identification Natural Disaster

Owing to changing weather patterns, the occurrence of natural disasters is becoming more prevalent each year. After an earthquake or other natural disaster occurs, it is crucial to ensure that there is a quick and easy way to identify the stream of patients that will enter hospital wards as a result. One of the best ways to facilitate this would be to implement the use of patient wristbands.

Enables Easier Patient Classification

Many hospital wristband systems rely on color coding to identify different types of patients that the medical facility will encounter. For example, outpatients who do not require an overnight stay in the hospital may require a white band, those who are there for a simple overnight procedure may receive yellow bands and those who require round-the-clock critical care my wear red wristbands. At a glance, a system such as this will help hospital personnel to determine which patients require more medical attention than others.

Less Chance of Incorrect Medication Being Administered

Should a natural disaster occur, it could render traditional computerized identification systems useless for days or even weeks. In cases like this, patient wristbands will have the upper hand in that they usually display the patient

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